Travel Images ◆ Prints

Hi Friends!  I've had some print requests for my travel work so I put together a collection of my favorite images from around the world which you can view and purchase through the link below.

The images below are just a few of what's available for print so check out the link!

Thank you so much for your continued support and happy holidays!  Love, Sas


Tangled Oak Trees - Cumberland Island, Georgia


Bunny Suit - Japan


Shades of Blue - Iceland


Girl and Goat - India


Camel Caravan - Morocco


At the Edge - Portugal

West Village Stories ◆ Ray and Dale

This blog post holds very near and dear to me.  Each year, I make a conscious effort to shoot personal work for added inspiration outside of my day to day projects.  So back in May, I took a workshop with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, two photographers that I greatly admire.  The class assignment was to document anything we were passionate about.  No rules, no guidelines, just something that I felt I needed to photograph.  And two very special people came to mind.

I've known Ray and Dale since 2005 when I moved in next door to them.  From day one, they have been the friendliest faces on our West Village block.  During the warmer months, you'll find them sitting on their stoop for hours, saying hello to everyone, especially the kids and dogs.

Ray and Dale have both lived in the neighborhood since the 1960's and met at a bar down the street from their apartment (sadly the bar no longer exists).  In Ray's words it was "love at first sight" and they've been together now for 46 years and counting!  When the gay marriage ban was lifted in 2011, they were one of the first couples to get married at City Hall.  They even made it in this NY Times article.

They have an infinite amount of stories to share about their NYC experiences – everything from marching at the first Pride Parade (they sit on the stoop every year cheering!), the old Village haunts they would frequent, the gentrification of the neighborhood...  You name it, Ray and Dale have seen it.

I could go on forever about how fascinating these two are, but what intrigues me the most is their love story.  Staying together nearly half a century is a testament for any couple and Ray and Dale do it as the best of friends.  They are so much in love and inseparable in the sweetest way possible.  It is really something special to witness and I feel so honored to share their story.

Ray and Dale - thank you so much for having me photograph your incredible lives.  Any couple that has a fraction of the love that you share is truly lucky.  You guys are an inspiration to many and I love you both!

Do you know any couples like Ray and Dale with a unique story to tell?  Email me at and perhaps they'll be the next on my list to photograph!

Off the Grid

So I know I've been quite the absent blogger recently, but I promise I have an excuse!  It's because airports and hotel rooms have been my home away from home for the past two months and for good reason.  In February, I worked on an ad campaign project with SS+K, shot by Magnum Photographer Alex Webb.  It was a whirlwind adventure, hitting up remote areas in Indonesia, China, Philippines and Mexico... not to mention seeing a world renowned photographer in action. Afterwards, I headed to Hong Kong with talented photographer and friend Isabelle Selby, where I shot a wedding with her (and sampled enormous amounts of dim sum and noodles that I couldn't resist posting on Instagram).  And finally, I ended March with some exploring around Japan to photograph some personal travel work and recharge before wedding season picks up again this weekend.

Here are some images of the recent places I've been and there will be more to come on the map!

Toraja Land, Indonesia

Manila, Philippines

Suqian, China

Mixquiahuala, Mexico

Hong Kong

Shirakawa-go, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Happy V-Day & Happy Birthday, Sasithon Photography

Happy Valentine's Day!  And Happy Birthday to Sasithon Photography!  Today marks the one year anniversary of becoming a LLC and I wouldn't be here without all of your support.  Thank you for entrusting me to capture your most special and beautiful moments.  I am incredibly grateful and humbled to do what I love for a living and I can't wait to share more of my work with you (hint, exciting adventures ahead!)... Hugs, Sas


◆ An Old Gem ◆

Today happens to be my birthday and my cousin Jade surprised me with this gem she found in a pile of old pictures (that's me on the right).  I have no recollection of where we were or what we were doing, but I'm so glad that someone captured all the happiness and joy in that moment.  It's a reminder why I love what I do and I'm excited for another year to experience and document many more beautiful memories like this.

Morocco ◆ The Sea

I have so many photographs to share with you from my recent trip to Morocco!  When I initially planned my trip, I knew the highlight would be the Sahara.  But I was so focused on the desert that I was surprised to discover a country with one of the most varied landscapes I'd ever seen.  So for this photo series, I'm starting off with what I would consider the most unexpected... the Sea. Places visited: Casablanca, Essaouira

Southern Road Trip ◆ Instagram

I've been traveling a bit over the past few weeks for some added inspiration before wedding season starts!  Last week, my boyfriend Brady and I took a road trip though the South.  It was my first time visiting New Orleans, which has been on my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember!  Anyway, I'm officially back in NYC and wanted to share with you a few Instagram pics I took along the way.  If you'd like to see more of my up-to-date photo adventures, please follow me @sasipoo! Places visited: Savannah, Georgia; Pensacola, Florida; New Orleans, Lousiana