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Lolly and Anthony - Hudson Valley, New York

Sas is one of the hardest working photographers in the business and yet she always has a smile on her face and a high level of energy! My husband and I are photographers, so when it came to selecting a photographer for our wedding, we really wanted someone who knew their craft, but also who would give us the documentary look that we both wanted and remained "in the background" so to speak. She did an amazing job of not only getting the most beautiful shots, as well as photographing all the details we didn't see, special moments, the fun times, the ceremony, the food, everything! It was such a testament to her talent. I had no idea she'd captured everything so beautifully - it was really wonderful to look through and get the feeling of the day through her images.


Beth and Ian - Stamford, Connecticut 

If you have the ability to work with Sas you are among the lucky ones. From looking at her photos you can tell she's a lover of life and photography, and that combination allows her to capture moments you can feel. We knew we liked her photos, but did not realize how perfect her skill set is for weddings. From our first foray, our engagement shoot in subfreezing weather, Sas's energy and professionalism made the day thrilling and fun. We were unexpectedly nervous that day and spending the session with Sas felt like getting to know a friend. We were able to be ourselves, forget about being on display, and enjoy the moment. On our wedding weekend she was a totally awesome and calming presence. We trusted her fully at every turn, and beyond that, we were glad when she was around. She is a warm and heartfelt person who is enormously talented with a camera, and the result is photos that convey all of the life and beauty and emotion that happens in an instant. The bottom line is we feel like our wedding photos are works of art. And we've never had more fun. So very happy for you if you are able to work with Sas.


Stephanie and Matthew - Battery Park, New York City

My husband and I got married in the second biggest blizzard in New York City history. Sas not only braved the snowmaggedon to take photos, but she was the first to arrive at the venue. My husband and I were worried about the snow, and the fact that so many of guests had cancelled. When he and I arrived at the venue, we were sullen and nervous. But the moment we saw Sas's smiling face and how excited she was about our wedding and the wonderful pictures she could take of us in the snow, we fed off of her energy, and we too became excited. Sas took photos of us in the snow - both in the daytime and at night! The photos are STUNNING! Sas captured every wonderful moment of our wedding. The New York Times wrote an article about our wedding since we were one of the few weddings to still take place in New York City during the storm. One of Sas's photos is prominently displayed in the style section, and I am so honored and happy that Sas's work was recognized. My husband and I love Sas so much. We consider her part of our family. We could not rave about her enough, and we recommend her to everyone!



Ali and Manny - Lower East Side, New York City

There aren't enough gold stars for Sas and her services!! My husband and I sincerely enjoyed every SECOND we worked with her, and hope its the first of many, many times we get to do so! She's not only professional and extremely talented, but has a passion for the work she does that is rare to find. We knew we'd be happy with her photos, but didn't know HOW happy. The pictures she captures feel like they belong in TIME magazine. We LOOOOVE Sas, and have already recommended her to all of our best friends. Plus, as soon as they see our engagement and wedding portraits, they have no hesitation to reach out to her. She's incredible…


Rachel and Erik - Brooklyn, New York

Day of, Sas was somehow everywhere at once... she caught the important moments in the ceremony, the honest reactions from the guests, and then everything else from the food to the speeches to the dancing. Sas is so personable she got the best out of everyone... the candids feel perfect, she really caught the energy of the night and the personality of the characters involved. She was there when the food came out. She was there when our minister kissed his wife. She was there when the little kids started to dance. It’s sort of amazing the variety of stuff Sas covered. Sas also managed to set up the lighting so the photos are well lit, though this was imperceptible to us and the space remained intimate. We got our photos back when Sas promised and they were very nicely finished. Great selects, great colors, and the whole online display site made it easy to collect and share. Her presentation was fantastic. Sas listened to what we wanted and delivered 100%... we cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Meena and Owen - Ísafjörður, Iceland

I hired Sas to shoot my destination wedding in Iceland because I absolutely love her sense of style and her incredible talent behind the lens. Little did I know that a major storm would hit the weekend of my wedding and I would have to change all my wedding plans within 36 hours.

Sas was my savior and a total heroine. She was cool and calm, utterly professional, and honestly helped me so much throughout the wedding process. I thought I was hiring an incredible photographer, but I got so much more than that. She worked so hard that weekend, when nothing was working in her favor, to capture the most beautiful photos that I have come to cherish so deeply. I don't know how she delivered such gorgeous photos because I feel like she wasn't given much to work with, but trust me, these photos are unbelievable.

I am so grateful to her for taking an utterly challenging set of circumstances and creating magic. She was thorough before, during, and after the wedding. She scouted all the locations, helped me think through the photos I was going to want and need, and most of all made sure I didn't have to worry about a thing on the day of the wedding, helping alleviate a lot of my stress. After the wedding, she was super prompt in delivering my beautifully edited photos. I hope you too are lucky enough to get Sas to shoot your wedding!

Jessica and Morgan - West Village, New York City

Sas is an endlessly talented photographer who brings tremendous passion and enthusiasm to her work, and it sure shows in her photos! I first fell in love with Sas's beautiful portfolio, and once I met her, it was a done deal. During the planning process, she was accessible and supportive, talking us through our timeline and helping us build our shot list. She took the time to get to know us, and to really understand our vision and priorities. And on our wedding day, she kept us right on schedule, wrangled our enormous wedding party with grace, and took photos that perfectly captured the spirit and energy of our wedding day. I could go on, but I'll end by saying that I've worked in the wedding industry for a while now, and Sas is as incredible as they come. Wonderful experience, gorgeous photos. We are so so grateful!



Meghan and Erik - Hudson, New York

We got our entire collection back a few days ago, and are just blown away. We had a joyous time experiencing the wedding all over again. While we knew they'd be great, the photos turned out to be simply stunning. They are artful, original, bright, and narrative, with equal attention to the both the momentous and subtle moments. Sasithon has such a unique eye for capturing light, emotion, composition, and a sense of place, and we are so grateful that she was there to share her talents for our big day. Clearly, we cannot say enough about Sasithon! She's just a great person and a superior talent.

Michelle and Daniel - Antigua, Guatemala

Sas was an absolute dream to work with. From the moment we saw her portfolio her aesthetic and artistry stood out to my husband and I. We used her for our engagement photos and not even half way through we both knew that she was the perfect photographer for our destination wedding. She was so great to work with and excited about all the possibilities to create the perfect photo and work of art. Her professionalism shined through every moment and was able to work in a relaxed way as to ease us into the excitement of our big day. Our wedding photos turned out better than I could ever hope for.


Ashley and Eric - Bloomfield, New Jersey

I'm not even sure where to begin! Working with Sas was a dream. Since our wedding two years ago we have recommended her to numerous friends, and her work has just gotten better and better. Her portfolio speaks for itself. Everyone that we have referred her to has been beyond pleased with her as well. It is such a joy referring her to friends, mostly because we love continuing to see her! But more than her amazing portfolio, she is so kind and professional. Through the entire process she made our friends and family feel so comfortable and at ease. Our photos so perfectly tell the story of our wedding day, looking at them puts me right back to the best day of my life. Now that we have a young daughter there is no one else we will turn to for family photos! I truly feel like we won the lottery when we found Sas.