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  • Overall - like the majority of my work, I take a documentary approach to portraits - think of this session as me coming in to photograph your life vs. formal portraits. My goal is to capture moments on how you like to spend time together as a couple.

  • Location - choose a location that's personal to you - your home, neighborhood, or date place you frequent is a good place to start.

  • Timing - portrait sessions are approximately 1.5 hours. The recommended shooting time of day is late afternoon up until sunset (note - time changes depending on the season so we’ll coordinate directly).

  • Attire - your choice of 1-2 looks (one casual, one dressier). However, a dress change is not mandatory and you can wear one outfit if you'd like. Choose whatever you feel most comfortable and beautiful in! I do recommend to coordinate attire in terms of dressiness and a complimentary color palette.

  • Hair and/or Makeup - this is the perfect opportunity for a professional hair and/or makeup trial so you’re polished for the portraits and to figure out your "look" for the big day.

  • NYTimes "Vows" Photo - if you're interested in getting this shot, please let me know ahead of time so I can be sure to capture it.